A Care A Life goes on a mission to Cambodia in the province of Pursat in December.
Sister Oanh, a Buddhist nun, vice-president of the Un Soin Une Vie association, specifically ensures the recruitment of patients for our missions.
In 2017 an idea was born. To send a truck equipped in mobile care (dental and minor surgery) in the villages where the people do not have access to the care and at the same time assure the recruitment of USUV.

This project was successful thanks to the generosity and efficiency of Oanh and also thanks to Cambodian students who gave their time. USUV participated in this project by equipping this truck with consumables.

Thank you to those who have taken their time to get this material out of the local Saint Etienne.
This truck will be inaugurated on December 3rd in Pursat at the arrival of the USUV team.